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State Song and Dance Ensemble of the Komi Republic of Victor Morozov, "ASYA KYA" ("Morning dawn")


Artistic Director - Honoured Art Worker of Russia Dmitri Bushuev 

Chorus-master of the Ensemble Alexey Razbakov

Manager of the song and dance company «Assya kya» of the Komi repablican philharmonic —

Popovtseva Irina

Tel: (8212) 20-18-80 
e-mail: assya-kyaip@yandex.ru


«Assya kya» is the first professional art collective of the Komi Republic, its pride and national property, it is the "card" of original culture of northern Russian Republic.
Ensemble «Assya kyа» is the winner of All-Union competitions (1967, 1970), the winner of the All-Russia competitions (1978, 1986), the winner of the award of Komsomol of Komi (1976) and the winner of the State award of V.Savin (1977).

In 2005 the name Victor Petrovich Morozov was given to the ensemble. He was the honored worker of arts in the Russian Federation, the winner of the State award of the Komi Republic. He gave considerable personal contribution to development of professional arts in the Komi Republic.

The creative direction of the ensemble «Assya kya» is based on modern perusal of national folklore, and is the synthesis of the genres, unusual choral arts and eccentricity of scenic decisions. The scenography and direction of concerts completely crosses any language barrier, as does the performance. 

Concerts of the ensemble are various, musical and colourful. The main theme is harmony of people and nature. Songs, dances and beautiful music transfer not only character, customs and traditions, but also all the world surrounding it: a dense taiga, the iced tundra, clear nights, and morning dawns. The state ensemble «Assya kyа» is laboratory for amateur composers of the republic and actively supports their creative search. The ensemble programs, have for the first time, introduced on a national level such common household tools of the Komi Republic, like (chipsan, palyan, various noise – postuchalochki, syargan, zil-zyol, etc.), which are now widespread in many creative collectives. 

«Assya kya» represented the Komi Republic at the first All-Russia festival of national culture in Moscow (2002), at the second All-Russia festival of national culture in St.-Petersburg (2003); in the Big Kremlin palace at the state reception with the presence of the President of the Russian Federation for members of the State council of the Russian Federation with their spouses (2009); gala concert of the international festival of arts and national creativity «Finno-Ugric transit: culture of the people» in Moscow (2009) and in the concert program for participants of the 10th Russian-Finnish cultural forum etc.

The recognition of the high performance level of this Komi collective in foreign countries is proved by numerous awards of International festivals. People from many different places clapped to the ensemble «Assya кyа» such as in Hungary (1972), Bulgaria (1975, 1983, 1997), Finland (1979), Czechoslovakia (1979, 1987), GDR (1985), Poland (1986), Yugoslavia (1989), Holland (1992, 1996), Germany (1996), Portugal (1997), Spain (1999, 2008), Belgium (1996, 2005) and France (1990, 1996, 1999, 2002, 2005, 2006).

Artistic structure of the State ensemble «Assya kya» - 73 people:
Chorus – 37 people (21 women, 16 men),
Ballet dancers - 19 people (10 women, 9 men),
Members of the orchestra – 16 people, 
The leader of concert programs – 1 person

Orchestra structure: 2 bayans, 1 balalaika, 5 domras-tonics, 2 domras-altos, 1 flute, 1 bass guitar, 1 rhythm guitar, 1 shock installation, 1 electropiano, 1 synthesizer and1 psaltery.

Total structure – not less than 45 persons.